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Unfailing performance in mission-critical applications

For more than four decades, military equipment makers have turned to C&M to design and deliver cable products that maximize reliability on and off the battlefield. Whether COTS or custom, our Mil-Grade cables, overmolded cable assemblies and military coil cords are ready for action.

Engineered For Reliable Performance

Our Mil-Grade products feature advanced materials and construction techniques that increase lifespan in demanding environments:

  • Advanced polyurethane jacketing for superior resistance to abrasion, aggressive chemicals, moisture and fungal biocontaminants.

  • High-performance insulation materials to meet demanding mechanical and electrical requirements. C&M offers a range of TPE insulation materials whose thermal and mechanical properties can be tailored to the application. We also offer gas-injected FEP insulation for applications with exacting electrical requirements.

  • Robust shielding provides EMI/RFI performance that meets or exceeds MIL-STD-461/464. Among the shielding options are braids, spirals, reverse spirals, tape shields and composite shields.

  • Finely-stranded conductors in both copper and alloy improve flexibility without sacrificing cable life.

  • Wide operating temperature range of -55 to 105ºC meets ground-based military mission parameters.

Minimal Procurement Risk

C&M streamlines the procurement process with an extensive lineup of COTS products and standards support. We offer:

  • A variety of standard multi-conductor constructions to reduce cable assembly lead times and eliminate requirements for minimum order quantities.

  • A large database of common core components, which allows quick response to price and delivery requests.

  • Strong support for Ethernet communication protocols with Mil-Grade USB, megabit and gigabit Ethernet cables.

Unrivaled Overmolding

C&M is the industry leader in overmolded straight cable and coil cord assemblies that provide the environmental sealing, connector options and function integration required in military applications. While we design and produce custom-designed military cable assemblies on a daily basis, we also offer standard cable assemblies that satisfy most technical requirements.

  • Tooling for standard assemblies. C&M maintains a large collection of straight, right angle and 45-degree molds popular Mil-Round connector families in all sizes. These molds support standard 38999 SI/SII/SIII, 26482 SI/ SII and 5015 threaded and bayonet plugs and receptacles.

Configure military cables or assemblies.

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