Flame Test Summary

Test Name
Approval CSA Equivalent General Description Requirement Product Application
*VW-1 (Reference UL Test Std. 1581)
Appliance Wiring Material (AWM)
Communications Cable CMH
Bunsen burner applies flame at base of 18" specimen. Cotton is placed below specimen. Flame is applied 5 times more for 15 seconds.
  • Flame no longer than 1 minute at end of test.
  • Indicator at end of specimen unburned.
  • Cotton not ignited.

Appliance wiring material

Internal wiring of devices. Limited external interconnection

*Vertical Tray Flame Test (Ref. UL Test Std. 1581)
Communication Cable CM, CMG
Power Limited Circuit Cable CL2, CL3
Propane burner (70,000 BTU/HR) applies flame at one end of 8 foot cable lengths arranged in open steel trays
  • Flame damage less than 8 ft. after 20 minute application.
Communication & computer networking cables in lengths longer than 10 ft.
Riser Test (UL 1666)

Communication Cable CMR

Power Limited Circuit Cable CL2R, CL3R

Propane burner (527,500 BTU/HR) applies flame at one end of cables in 12 ft. vertical open trays for 30 min.
  • Flame spreads less than 12 ft; temperature at that point cannot exceed 850°F.
Communication & computer networking where cables are installed in vertical shafts connecting one floor to another
Steiner Tunnel Test (UL 910 or NFAA 262)

Communication Cable CMP

Power Limited Circuit Cable CL2P, CL3P

Propane burner (300,000 BTU/HR) applies flame to cables laid in 25 ft. horizontal trays with air flowing through at 240 ft/min. for 20 minutes.
  • Flame spread < 5 ft.
  • Peak smoke <.5 units.
  • Avg. smoke <.15 units.
Communication & computer networking cables installed in plenums.

Note: these tests are in ascending hierarchy. Therefore, a cable which meets the UL 910 test also will meet any of the others shown above.

*Can be performed by C&M.

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