MotionFlex Servo TPE Cables

11 December 2013 Written by 
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Continuous flex power and power-brake cables for automation applications

MotionFlex™ Servo TPE cables for servo motors, automation systems and machine tools offer ruggedized jacketing materials and long flex life of up to 10 million cycles. These thermoplastic elastomer power or power-brake cables have been optimized for resistance to abrasion and harsh environmental conditions, such as chemicals and oils. MotionFlex Servo TPE cables have a bend radius of 10x the cable diameter for unshielded and 12x for shielded.


  • Finely-stranded bare copper conductors.
  • Premium elastomeric insulation.
  • Spun tape separators.
  • Ruggedized jacketing—Duralon™ elastomeric alloy for power cables and TPE for power-brake cables.
  • Optional Mylar tape and braid shielding.
  • Resistant to abrasion and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Voltage rating of 600V.
  • UL 2587 certified.
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