By Patrick Dannehy, Senior Account Manager

Here is an interesting figure: 80% of all companies believe they provide a superior customer service but only 8% of their customers believe they actually provide a superior customer service. There is a big disconnect between the service companies deliver and the expectation of their customer. I note this because perception is reality. As an account manager it is important to perform at every opportunity.

I have worked in the disciplines of both inside and outside sales for over 30 years and done so with five different companies. All five were similar in that they were in the cable Industry and all five were distinctively different in many ways as well. However, the core values of all the account management teams and outside sales teams I have worked for have been very similar. More specifically all were dedicated to creating the best experience possible in response to the customer’s needs while at the same time delivering profit for their own company. There is a fine line between achieving both in our industry.

C&M is a company that believes in superior customer service and does everything possible to deliver such.  To do all we can to service our customers enhances the connection we share with them tremendously and is ultimately reflected in the bottom line. The company credo of “obsessed with cable solutions” is displayed in our approach to needs expressed by our customers. The account management approach I have been taught is based on C&M’s core values with the end result being to gain our unfair share of the customers total spend on the types of products C&M is capable of producing.

In order to achieve this there are things which must take place. Being friendly, personable and making the customer feel they are your number one priority are vital. The goal of always aiming to exceed customer expectations is an attitude that needs to take place in every aspect of our responsibilities. Making things convenient is of importance based on my experience. The primary C&M contact for the customer needs to be available. Things such as rudeness, the customer having to follow up on things repeatedly, passing the customer around to numerous people and departments cannot happen. Quick response is imperative. The length of time for resolutions to problems must take place in a timely manner.

The cornerstone of really great account management is reached when the customer turns to you first in their time of need with confidence that you are a person / company that will solve their problem. This is developed over time through a consistent positive track record. Over the years I have seen examples of what I discuss here leading to outstanding results. Many of our existing anchor accounts as well as large accounts we did business with in the past are with C&M for these reasons.

By exhibiting the C&M core values of surpassing expectations, passion for excellence, accountability, transparency and integrity in our actions we are able to foster this type of relationship between our account managers and customers.

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